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Jan 18, 2012
03:33 PM
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Pardee Inches Forward Towards Joint Venture

This rendering shows what the proposed joint venture between Pardee and Mission Hospitals in Fletcher may look like when it opens in January 2013.

This rendering shows what the proposed joint venture between Pardee and Mission Hospitals in Fletcher may look like when it opens in January 2013.


WHAT HAPPENED? Wednesday afternoon, Pardee Hosptial CEO Jay Kirby updated members of the Henderson County Board of Commisisoners on legal negotiations betwen the Hendersonville health care center and Mission Health System in Asehville to create a joint venture called the Misison Pardeee Health Campus at 2651 Hendersonville Road in Fletcher.

WHY DO YOU CARE? That location is in the backyard of Fletcher's Park Ridge Hosptial and marks another Pardee partnership in the increasingly competitive healthcare business in Western North Carolina. It's also kind of interesting that members of the Henderson County Commissioner asked Pardee to delay the December groundbreaking ceremony for the project because they wanted more information about the partnership but Pardee's Board of Directors refused.

HOW DID IT GO DOWN? After the photo op and tension surrounding last year's groundbreaking faded in December, county commisisoners said they wanted to review the legal documents regarding the proposed shared facility between the two regional health care competitors on the Henderson-Buncome county line.

Specifically, the commissioners wanted to see legal language that spelled out that this proposed joint venture made Pardee an equal partner in sharing the land and governance of the shared facitity.

Wednesday, Kirby did his best to reassure them that was the case.

"I am pleased to say Mission's leadership has offered the concessions as requested," Kirby told the board during the afternoon session of their day long meeting, adding that the adjustments had been futher reviewed by both legal counsel for Pardee's Board of Directors and that of their parent organzation UNC Heath Systems. "We're excited to see this as a business venture for the town of Fletcher and they feel the same way. I feel it only appropriate that Pardee's Board of Trustees allow me to sign the memo of understanding next week and that we all move forward with this project."

Some of the commissioners seemed unsure of the legal language involved, particularly Bill O'Conner who was working from an earlier draft of the memo, but County Attorney Russ Burrell quickly cleared things up.

"They have the broad outlines of an aggreement," Burrell said. "Where we are now is an important milepost along the way."

"I want to read the final document and have Russ explain it to me," urged Commissioner Larry Young.

"You need to put UNC's name all over it, otherwise I have no problem with this," suggested commissioner Michael Edney. 

"You've moved this along and I respect everyone involved," added Commissioner Chalie Messer, who is also the board's representative on Pardee's Board of Directors. "The Board will do what's right for the people of Henderson County."

WANT MORE? Visit missionpardeehealthcampus.org for details about the project.

WHAT’S NEXT?  Kirby will take the matter up with Pardee's Board next week. If approved, the new campus which could cost as much as $50 million will be constructed on the former site of Youngblood Truck Lines on the Henderson County line and is scheduled to open  in January 2013.

Correspondent Jonathan Rich may be contacted at jonathan@hvillescoop.com.

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