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Dec 15, 2011
11:17 PM
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Pardee Board Elects New Leadership

Members of the Pardee Board of Directors discuss the agenda during their final official meeting of 2011.

Members of the Pardee Board of Directors discuss the agenda during their final official meeting of 2011.

Hendersonville Scoop

WHAT HAPPENED? The Pardee Board of Directors elected Bill Moyer, former chairman of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners, the new chairman of the publically owned hospital which is held accountable to local residents through oversight by the county commissioners.

WHY DO YOU CARE?  In the past year, Pardee and the commssioners have had a sometimes adversarial relationship but with longtime Pardee supporter Moyer at the helm, that could change the relationship for the better.

HOW DID IT GO DOWN? In addition to Moyer's new role, the board elected Dr. Peter Goodfield, vice chairman, Jack Summey as the new secretary and Bill Smith as the new treasurer.

Goodfield's appointment is particularly interesting, as the commissioners reappointed the Hendersonville cardiologist to his third term on the board back in October, but another longtime member of the board who publically stated her desire to continue serving did not receive enough votes to continue.

The commissioners made their decisions about appointments at the Oct. 19 public meeting. Hendersonville cardiologist Peter Goodfiled was reappointed to serve a third term on the board, but Linda Solkalski was not reappointed despite her stated desire to continue to serve and previous years of service.

WHAT’S NEXT? 2012 will be an important time for Pardee as it continues both its management agreement with UNC Health Systems and a partnership with Mission Hospitals to build a joint facility in Fletcher.

Rumors are now being reported by other news organizations across the Blue Ridge that Pardee has some impending staff reductions on the horizon, but new CEO Jay Kirby explained that what those timely news forums are mischaracterizng are actually potential considerations being evaluated for the betterment of both patients and staff.

"Our leadership team has discussed consolidating staff and patients to provide the greatest care and efficiency, but they have not discussed any layoffs nor do they feel it necessary at this time," Kirby said in a statement Thursday. "In the past we have adapted to increases and decreases in patient volume fluctuations like these in a similar ways. Hospitals of our size and scope have seen occupancy go down 5% statewide and 5% in Western North Carolina, we are fortunate to only have experienced 4% at Pardee. This is to be expected with the movement from inpatient to outpatient services. Pardee has been privileged to see a 6.4% increase in those patients while Western North Carolina has only seen a .8% increase. It makes sense to consolidate staff to respond to these increases."

The newly elected leadership on the Pardee Board of Directors has their first meeing on Jan. 25 at 3 p.m. in the boardroom.

Correspondent Jonathan Rich may be contacted at jonathan@hvillescoop.com.

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